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Albanian circle review

The Internet has made finding love easier than ever before. The Internet offers a range of ways to connect with like-minded singles that are looking to date, a long-term relationship or even a marital partner. 

AlbanianPersonals Magazine > Dating & Relationships| Updated February 12, 2021

As technology improves, so does the number of ways that we can find our perfect match. Some dating sites are now offering their customers the opportunity to find love using a mobile app. But how effective are these mobile apps? Below we present you with an Albanian circle review, our opinion of one of the newest dating sites to turn to mobile apps.

First of all, the concept of using a mobile app is appealing to many, especially younger generations that are technology-mad. The app is free to download and available on most smart phones. At a first glance the app appears simple and stylish. This is achieved by the simple color scheme and limited functions. You can create and edit your own profile, send messages and even share your location. Although we're not quite sure the latter feature is a good idea as you should always be cautious when it comes to Internet safety!

Our experts were initially impressed with Albanian circle; they have created a modern way of connecting singles across the world. However, we were less than impressed when we realized that you have to pay a fee to contact other users! You are able to reply for free to any members that contact you, but if you wish to send a message to someone first, you must purchase a membership. So if there is some people that you are particularly interested in, but don't want to pay a fee, you could be waiting a long time!

Moreover, we came across some inconsistencies in relation to who can use the app. It states that you must be 18+ to join the dating agency, however, you can download the app if you are 17+. If the content is unsuitable for under 18’s then it doesn't seem right that a 17 year old can still download the actual app. It should be clear to other members which aged people are using the app. This issue clearly needs to be clarified and amended in the future.

Despite adopting a modern approach to online dating, our Albanian circle review clearly highlights the need for improvement and development if it is to rank high on the list of best dating sites.

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